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Boost your income with end of tenancy cleaning

Any landlord knows the importance of a spick and span property. Maintaining the accommodation’s peak condition instantly makes it more attractive to prospective owners, along with preventing any issues from occurring further down the line.

Our vast experience in end of tenancy cleaning in Leeds has made us aware of how advantageous our service can be to any landlord – the property doesn’t necessarily have to be filthy for us to make a key difference.

Here are just a few advantages of Webton’s end of tenancy cleaning:

Make money

As far-fetched as it sounds, landlords can economically benefit massively from our cleaning services. Potential tenants immediately warm to a clean, fresh property – whether they do it consciously or not, it’s natural for them to take the cleanliness of their surroundings into account when looking at houses. These little touches are often the difference when making big decisions.

The fee for end of tenancy cleaning also largely pays for itself. Any deposit that the landlord receives for the property easily covers the charge for our cleaning services.

Save time

Some landlords attempt to do their own cleaning after a tenants contract runs out. This might sound like a good cost-cutting measure, but in reality, it wastes a lot of time. A professional cleaning company appoint several specialists to complete the job quickly and efficiently. This allows you to focus your energy onto something else in your diary.

As all of our staff are fully trained, reference checked and insured, you also have a guarantee that the operation will be completed with true attention to detail.

This package is available to all landlords in Leeds, so if you have tenants coming to the end of their contract, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. For more details, give Webton a call now on 0113 217 5763.

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