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How can a commercial cleaning service help you?

According to recent findings, having an office or work environment that is clean and tidy is important to almost every worker in the Yorkshire region. However, almost everyone accepts that keeping their work place in a great looking state is hard to do, regardless how much you try.

For some people their own shortfall in cleaning themselves is made up by employing a commercial cleaning company like ourselves, who come in on a regular basis (regularity is controlled by our clients and could include daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits) and carry out a comprehensive commercial cleaning service. Commercial cleaning includes carpet cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning and much more, with packages tailored to your specific requirements.

For others, there is no-one to pick up their shortfall and with the exception of people putting time aside, their office can begin to look untidy quickly.

We often get asked if it is essential or even valuable to have a commercial cleaning company clean your premises. Although we could be very biased and say conclusively yes, we would rather explain factual evidence from reports that shows that having a commercial clean at your office or work building can have real benefit. Below are some of the major key benefits:

• Brand and company impressions: It is a fact that no-one wants to come to a meeting or do work with a company if their office is untidy. Setting the right first impression with a clean and professional office can help you win work, attract a better clientele and give off the right company look.
• Heath issues: Having a cleaner office will prevent common colds, illnesses and the flu from spreading quicker which could lay-off some of your workforce for a long period of time. Your company is only at maximum working capacity if all your employees are present and having someone off regularly due to illness can seriously impact your companies output. This is even more important for SME’s where employees do a range of different rolls.
• Employee care: You wouldn’t want to live in an environment that was not clean, had mud all over the carpets and mould in the showers. Well why should you work in similar conditions? Committing to a contract with a commercial cleaner shows employees that you care about their wellbeing and will make them want to come to work in a nice environment every day. It will also improve productivity!

These are just three of the many reasons why having a commercial clean at your office, industrial unit or other working premises can have real benefit and value to your company. Although there are many more, some of them will only show their effect once you have a clean and we do not like to speculate on the great gains you could have.

If you would like to talk about some of our commercial cleaning packages available to businesses in Leeds, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 217 5763.

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