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Simple ways to make your home seem tidier than it is

When it comes to cleaning, often times the hardest part is starting. However, there is a clear distinction between cleaning and tidying, and yet considering how much easier tidying is than cleaning, the results of a quick tidy are very rewarding.

If you’ve got a surprise visitor coming round, or if you’ve got a visitor coming round that you completely forgot was scheduled to drop by, and need to do a quick clean and tidy, below are some tips and tricks to help make your house seem tidier than it actually is.

When it comes to a tidy room, the impact of a quick tidy to clear the floor is remarkable. In an ideal world the only thing touching the floor in a room would be the furniture in it. If you remove the stacks of newspapers and magazines, clear way the kids’ toys and move your work essentials to the boot of your car, you’d be amazed at how much space is created.

Toiletries are incredibly good at congregating together and creating clusters of bottles and tubes all over the bathroom. In your quest for an easy clean, clearing the sills and edges of your bathroom and storing whatever is cluttering them in a vanity or cupboard will immediately help to brighten up your bathroom and make it seem much cleaner – without actually doing any cleaning.

Only leave out the appliances and other tools you in your kitchen that you regularly use. That means that the juicer, slow cooker and turkey roasting try should all have permanent homes away from the work surfaces to help keep them clear and tidy. Kettles, toasters, microwaves etc. all stay out, but streamline your appliances as much as you can to achieve the best results.

Any loose plates, glasses and cups that are lying about the kitchen and anywhere else in the house should be stuck in the dishwasher to help make surfaces that bit clearer. If it’s not in use, put it away.

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