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Spring cleaning top tips

Spring is well and truly here and for many homeowners that may well mean time to get a good clean out of the way before the summer season arrives.

For some however, this is a dreaded subject and trying to clean your home just makes you bored, stressed and often leaves you with more items to clean.

Thankfully however, although we specialise in commercial cleaning across Leeds, many of the techniques we use when cleaning student properties or for life of grime work can be applied to your home.

Below we look at some of our very best top tips when it comes to cleaning your home:
• In the kitchen, if you have pots and pans you need to clean, fill up the sink and leave them to soak for a good hour or so, this will make cleaning them much easier when you get round to it.
• Use microfiber clothes instead of paper towels. Did you know you can use them wet? When wet they sanitise the floor counters and tiles and eliminate the need for other cleaning products. They are also readily available at £1 shops, a great investment.
• In the bathroom, if your shower curtain is looking a little bit mouldy, take it down and throw in the washing machine with a few old towel. Then hang back up to dry.
• If you have clothes all over the floor in the bedrooms, consider buying a wash basket. Not only are these great to have and make caring your clothes to the washing machine easier, you also know when you have a load to wash and the floor space remains clean
• In every room work in a clockwise direction starting from high to low, thus when you dust things fall to the floor, which you will hoover or sweep up afterwards and you know where you have got to at all times.

These are just some great tips and we have loads more on our website. If you work in an office which is untidy too and requires a clean, please do not hesitate to recommend us or give us a call. We have great commercial and industrial cleaning packages available. For more information call us today.

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