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Three ways to keep your Leeds office clean

Though cleanliness and productivity have been proven to go hand in hand, the typical Leeds office is likely to have paperwork strewn all over the place, dirty stains on the carpet and a mound of untouched washing up.

Considering the benefits of keeping things nice and tidy, the team here at Webton are always puzzled that this is – and continues to be – the case.

As a result, today we’re outlining three simple and effective ways of keeping your workplace clean:

1) Sort out the dreaded drawer

Having provided our commercial cleaning services for well over a decade now, Webton’s specialists observe and take note of certain trends. A consistently popular one has been the ‘messy drawer’ – essentially a space that employees dump all of their unwanted items in. Sorting this out doesn’t just make more room, but it also lessens the likelihood of something important getting lost.

2) Create a physical inbox

Most workers have numerous email folders, but few have enough physical ones. If there’s no place for your incoming documents to reside then it’s fairly obvious that they’ll end up scattered needlessly around your desk. To avoid this, we recommend either arranging a filing system or investing in a company scanner.

3) Employ a commercial cleaner

Enlisting the help of a Leeds-based commercial cleaner really will pay dividends. Professionals are fully trained and qualified to complete any cleaning task, and come prepared with all of the necessary equipment and solutions. They should also have their own hygiene standards, risk assessments and insurance policies.

Should you have an office in the Leeds area and be interested in our commercial cleaning services, why not get in touch with a member of our local team today?

You can do so by either calling 0113 217 5763 or emailing info@webtoncleaningservices.co.uk.

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